Lift Work

  • Lift L1: Lift cladding completed upto 13th floor, Plate fixing on ISMB Channel started, Plastering from inside of the lift L1 after cladding work to fill cement slurry completed up to 12th floor, Stopped due to work started inside the lift. Block Masonry work and Plastering work for smog window and 1mx1m window opening at terrace for lift L1.
  • Lift L2: Almost all work is done, few work is pending.
  • Lift L3: All wiring work is done, 10 days’ work is pending, and Material is not at site, given for production in the company.
  • Lift L4: Bracket fixing work completed, railing alignment inside the lift work in progress,

Painting Work

  • 401, 402, 403, 404 , 405, Primary work completed.
  • At 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306 putty, and pop work under progress.


  • Door fixing at 3rd and 4th floor completed, only lock fixing pending.

KBS False ceiling

  • At 4th floor at all flats toilets false ceiling work completed.
  • 4th floor corridor area grid fixing work completed for false ceiling.
  • Punning in toilets completed upto 10th floor at customer flats only.


  • 6-series side 98% UPVC window completed,
  • 4 -series side 90% UPVC window fixing completed.

Touchup Work.

  • Touchup work in the customer flats completed in series. plastering work at GF Column, 1st floor commercial area , DG Room external wall side.


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